With Africa Wild Trails you will find tours and expeditions that contain excellent preparation and training, highly qualified guides, rangers and instructors and a real opportunity to connect with wild places, wild animals and the differing cultures of this most beautiful part of our planet.

For the young people on our tours and expeditions, there is the opportunity to take part in genuinely worthwhile educational projects and a chance to discover much about their own capabilities, strengths & weaknesses which will stay with them and serve them well for the rest of their lives.


We plan and deliver high quality educational and experiential tours and expeditions full of challenge, adventure and fun in some of the world’s most diverse countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana.

The content of most educational tours will often include various phases such as wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, river paddling, bush hiking, mountain hiking, community engagement and cultural education.

This diverse range of activities means each group member can take part in a series of physical, emotional, intellectual and social challenges during their time in Africa; resulting in life enhancing personal growth and a wealth of knowledge aboput the region.

For UK based clients, we can put in place a series of pre and post tour sessions to help ensure essential preparation and training is covered prior to the groups departure and post tour sessions are completed to assist in the way that group member is able to take some action with their new knowledge should they wish to.



AWT regularly delivers expeditions and tours for Cadets and was proud to have delivered the ACFA National Expedition in 2016 which was reported to be one of the most successful ever…


We pride ourselves on planning bespoke and diverse itineraries which generally consists of physical, emotional, intellectual and social challenges. These challenges take the form of multi day mountain hiking, bush hiking, river paddling and community engagement projects in some of the Africa’s most stunning and remote locations.


Community projects in schools and orphanages, battlefield tours on the Anglo-Zulu War and Anglo-Boer War battlefield sites and hands on wildlife conservation projects and accredited anti-poaching and survival courses can also be also included, and these core elements create well balanced, adventurous and focused expeditions and tours with a team of highly qualified and experienced leaders, guides and instructors.



This is a popular accredited course open to individuals and groups alike. No matter whether you are wanting to take some action in the world of conservation, you have heard about the wildlife poaching crisis, are looking to improve your skills or wanting to take the next step in anti poaching career, this is the course for you.


We accept men and women onto this course of all ages and experience. If you are focused on wildlife conservation and want to take some action, learn and make a difference then this is the course for you.



These courses can be for novices and for those who have a lot of experience in the field of bushcraft and survival.


A bespoke itinerary is easy to put in place after a short conversation about you or your group’s current skill level.


(All accommodation, vehicles, transfers, fuel, camp equipment, catering, drivers, instructors, guides , and game reserve entry fees are included in the course price.)



We can offer some GAP options, internships or volunteering opportunities in Southern Africa that are based around environmental education, wildlife conservation, culture and community engagement.



Learn about native woodland bush-craft skills in some of England finest woodland in East Sussex.



In order to maximise the opportunity to observe the animals you really want to observe during your safari we recommend two or sometimes three different locations for your safari. Whatever your individual requirements are, we will do our very best to make your dreams come true.

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